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DRAWING NEEDS design and calculation

I mean

Electrical CAD services cover both design and electromechanical drawing, this through specialized CAD software in these areas and in order to generate the necessary information for the development of products and systems.


• Survey and design of industrial electrical control plans for machinery.

• Design and survey of Motor Control Centers.

• Design and Unifilar survey of the Electrical distribution of Production Plants.

• Design and survey of Pneumatic Systems.


  • Manufacturing and Design

  • Integration of Industrial Automation Projects

  • Industrial maintenance

  • Energy generation

  • Medical Industry

  • Communication


  • You do not need a CAD license to obtain the service.

  • You will obtain a more accurate record of the materials to be used in different equipment and control panels.

  • It allows to identify flaws in the designs prior to the assembly of components.

  • Decreased operating times and minimization of waste of materials.



Outsourcing during development

Personnel are assigned to perform 100% of the service in their facilities for a certain time, these personnel are highly qualified according to their needs.


Accompaniment and training of its collaborators

Personnel are assigned to provide training and collaborate with daily tasks, providing their knowledge and experience so that together with their team, projects can be completed.


External service

We develop your projects from our offices according to your requirements and provide you with the final product requested.

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