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DRAWING NEEDS modeling and calculation

I mean

Our BIM service offers the possibility of creating or modifying a BIM model comprehensively, modeling the architectural, structural and MEP areas. Such a model allows us to offer the possibility of delivering reliable and coordinated documentation of your project, as well as tables of materials and areas, and realistic views of the project.


  • Architectural BIM modeling

  • Structural BIM modeling

  • BIM MEP modeling

  • Realistic visualization of the project (Renders)

  • Obtaining tables of materials, areas and systems analysis

  • Obtaining plans from the BIM model


  • Industria de construcción (Arquitectónico, estructural, MEP)

  • Decoración de espacios

  • Mantenimiento de edificios



Outsourcing during development

Personnel are assigned to perform 100% of the service in their facilities for a certain time, these personnel are highly qualified according to their needs.


Accompaniment and training of its collaborators

Personnel are assigned to provide training and collaborate with daily tasks, providing their knowledge and experience so that together with their team, projects can be completed.


External service

We develop your projects from our offices according to your requirements and provide you with the final product requested.


  • Reduce drawing times by obtaining drawings directly from the model.

  • Keep all plans coordinated, without discrepancies.

  • Errors can be detected before seeing them on site, also get reliable material counts, quickly.

  • By seeing the project in 3D while drawing plans, you can better understand the design intent.

  • Get photorealistic visualizations that let you see the project you're investing in.

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